Thursday, October 25, 2007


so i saw the darjeeling limited the other night, i didnt like it too much. it was boring.

everyone else in the world seems to like it. i think its the worst one that wes has made. some one told me he was trying to be more abstract with it. if by abstract he meant boring then he got it.

anyways. i have been way busy or have gotten sidetracked by something. so i hadnt had a chance to post anyhting on here.

so here are 2 images to make for the past few days.

chun li street style clothing, i mean it is street fighter am i right.

in the orginal street fighter, she had some mean thighs. i brought them back for this one, but mine are more soft than roided style of legs she had.

random gun girl, i saw an image in a magazine and inspired me to do one of my own, i forget what show it was for.

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