Sunday, October 7, 2007

First Blog. ever.(for me)

So i will be posting art work, in here. see if i can get peoples thoughts onto here, and be able to post everthing on here, i tend to not post sketches on forums and shit like that, but i will be putting that shit in here. sketches from napkins and shit like that.
maybe some W.I.P. of paintings and shit.

will i hope you guys dig.

this one was down at the autodesk tour thing that came through here in dallas.
it was entertaining and informative.
actually i got bored and sketched this thing instead. on the back of the registration paper i was supposed to return after the thing was done. i ended up giving it to one of the guys doing one of the presentations, (gary)

saw some people from the old Ai days. it wasnt a good site really! HAHAAA!!....
have a good ONE!!


krissie said...

more stuff to come i hope!
she's too cute.

jose ramirez said...

most definently, i am about to load it up.

thanks for the comment.