Thursday, October 16, 2008

eskimo and bunny.

pantless eskimo girl.


adriana lima

a character concept that i did for a book i am working on, side project.

little bunni girl, tagging it up. 




my little beach bum girl.
sky capitan.

face. smoking a cigarette.

i am a robot!

robot from the year 2010! its from the future.

tomb raidah!

the raida rocka!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ink the Colt 45 Can

Thursday, August 28, 2008

colt 45, my stepsis, and a cutie with big boobies.

just some random cutie, i think i saw some music video that had a girl with filly dress. so i decided to do one of my own.

this is my step sis, it was her birthday. so i drew this thing. came pretty nice i suppose.

the winning entry to the colt 45 draw a label contest. well its not the winner i just submitted it but it could be with your vote. i will post the link to vote for it once i get it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


danger girl, fan art. i dig them ladies.
might take this one a little further later on.

Monday, August 18, 2008


more dump artage.

my bass guitar girl, if i were to create a character for them guitar hero games, this would be it.

weeeeeeeee! fun girl, trying to portray alot of energy, with someone just sitting.
this was also inspired by that character from cowboy bebop. i am barely watching that show i know its old all ready. but someone here at work is passing me his series collection and watching them i really liked that little girl character very crazy and energitic.

some random girl, based off some girl that i saw in walmart. waiting in line for an hour. never go to wal mart, at 10 pm. there are a ton of people there and there is only one register open. but it was all right saw alot of interesting people waiting in line.

um. naked girl. i dont know i was bored this came out. havent ever drawn a full frontal nasty picture. so here it is.

well thats it for now.

Friday, August 15, 2008

in case someone was wondering,

what i look like, i also gave other ways i might look like with laser vision, or wolverine chops!

yeah. i'm pretty much fat, ugly, and stupid.

more art dump-ed.

some more art,
her is my cyber geisha.

here is my honey bear girl. if i was to own a honey, business she would be my mascot.

anyone remember slug i know i dont.

Monday, August 11, 2008


i decided to draw the hellboy. i think it came out pretty nice.

the movie came out quite nice, should check it out, if you havent yet. i enjoyed it more than batman. batman forgot to do one thing, entertain.

Monday, July 28, 2008

3d modeling. the beginning.

i havent done any 3d character modeling in about 5 years. 2003 i beleive. so i am gonna try and do one. atleast get all of the modelling done, and then see what happens when i get down to to texturing. so here is the beggining of this catastrophe.

this character was made for a client back when i worked for corgan, but i guess they didnt like it or didnt like my style so it got denies, which is ok cause now i get to model it out. she will be gritty character all the cladding will be metal, and pretty wore out and rusted. she will be tanned and sweaty and just a post apocalyptic fanatasy type character.


i call her calamari.

super girl, skatebaording girl, and some goofing around

my take on supergirl. i would like to do a comic book one day. i got a couple of stories to tell. i should get on it. (im too lazy)

here is some skateboarding chick doing a gravity defying move. nipple.

playing around with a character style of drawing.


vaqueras, to me are pretty damn hot.
i decided to draw one of my own.

old work revisited!

i like the way these characters came out, so i decided to splash some color on these things.

vampirella, witchblade, and the devil!

practicing my vector shapes.
vampierella, was done for a drawing jam through .

the witchblade, i did cause mike truner passed away. it was little tribute to him. he inspired me to draw when i was back in high school. back then i thought he stuff was da bomb!

well thats it for right now.

and another devil girl, i like drawing the devil girl.

Baroness and other space madness!

practicing my painting skillz, or trying to get some.
i was trying to go for a photoshoot feel. have particles fly around maybe on the lens itself.
you know. so this is what i came up with.

this one is a space kitty, i drew this one a while back, and lately i have been messing around with vectors, i decided this image would look good with vectors. playing around with blur effects through photoshop.

this is just a retro style space chick. i have been feeling the barbarella stuff here lately, plus i saw plan nine from outerspace. felt like drawing a raygun.