Monday, July 28, 2008

3d modeling. the beginning.

i havent done any 3d character modeling in about 5 years. 2003 i beleive. so i am gonna try and do one. atleast get all of the modelling done, and then see what happens when i get down to to texturing. so here is the beggining of this catastrophe.

this character was made for a client back when i worked for corgan, but i guess they didnt like it or didnt like my style so it got denies, which is ok cause now i get to model it out. she will be gritty character all the cladding will be metal, and pretty wore out and rusted. she will be tanned and sweaty and just a post apocalyptic fanatasy type character.


i call her calamari.

super girl, skatebaording girl, and some goofing around

my take on supergirl. i would like to do a comic book one day. i got a couple of stories to tell. i should get on it. (im too lazy)

here is some skateboarding chick doing a gravity defying move. nipple.

playing around with a character style of drawing.


vaqueras, to me are pretty damn hot.
i decided to draw one of my own.

old work revisited!

i like the way these characters came out, so i decided to splash some color on these things.

vampirella, witchblade, and the devil!

practicing my vector shapes.
vampierella, was done for a drawing jam through .

the witchblade, i did cause mike truner passed away. it was little tribute to him. he inspired me to draw when i was back in high school. back then i thought he stuff was da bomb!

well thats it for right now.

and another devil girl, i like drawing the devil girl.

Baroness and other space madness!

practicing my painting skillz, or trying to get some.
i was trying to go for a photoshoot feel. have particles fly around maybe on the lens itself.
you know. so this is what i came up with.

this one is a space kitty, i drew this one a while back, and lately i have been messing around with vectors, i decided this image would look good with vectors. playing around with blur effects through photoshop.

this is just a retro style space chick. i have been feeling the barbarella stuff here lately, plus i saw plan nine from outerspace. felt like drawing a raygun.