Monday, August 18, 2008


more dump artage.

my bass guitar girl, if i were to create a character for them guitar hero games, this would be it.

weeeeeeeee! fun girl, trying to portray alot of energy, with someone just sitting.
this was also inspired by that character from cowboy bebop. i am barely watching that show i know its old all ready. but someone here at work is passing me his series collection and watching them i really liked that little girl character very crazy and energitic.

some random girl, based off some girl that i saw in walmart. waiting in line for an hour. never go to wal mart, at 10 pm. there are a ton of people there and there is only one register open. but it was all right saw alot of interesting people waiting in line.

um. naked girl. i dont know i was bored this came out. havent ever drawn a full frontal nasty picture. so here it is.

well thats it for now.

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